Our home is like a novel that describes who we are and who we would like to become. To those who believe in the ancestral power of stories, we dedicate the new Intarsio catalogue.

Stories that can be read in the grain of the wood, that follow themes which are destined to repeat themselves, similar yet different, from a door to the floor, from the vertical to the horizontal. Stories that flow from the kitchen to the living room, so as to not interrupt the emotions that they have stimulated.

Intarsio is a system that is always in progress, designed by Garcia Cumini to expand itself seamlessly according to the rhythm of each individual project. The Home Elements which complete it, extend its style: tables, sideboards, bookcases designed to adapt their function depending on the environment in which they are placed. The newly introduced details follow the same logic, like the Ouverture handle with its sophisticated rifling, or the Flamingo structure which evokes timeless elegance.

Materials with which it is possible to construct a visual narrative that is completely original each time and that one never grows tired of admiring.