Versatility and design freedom are among the primary trends which define a contemporary lifestyle, open to cross-contamination and to the constant study of spaces and expressive forms.

The evolution of The 50’s is in perfect harmony with these trends. The system by Cesar expands its range of products with the addition of a double-faced version, which now extends all the way to the ceiling and can be used as a partition in the centre of the room. Thanks to new and deeper shelving, The 50’s can accommodate, depending on the side one is on, objects which can be used either in the kitchen or in the living room. Furthermore, the 50’s increases its modularity with the addition of a 120 module, capable of accommodating the central island and performing the functions of cooking and washing, as well as serving as a gathering point around which to socialise.

The interaction between full and empty space creates a light and slick environment, while its stylistic elegance becomes an element of communication and sophisticated aesthetic cohesion.

Thus, The 50's can easily be adapted to any kind of residential or commercial solution and can be used by those who are looking for a different, less traditional, way to furnish their home.