In the finest mosaics, every tile is different from the other.

When they are laid next to each other, these tiles create any composition that our imaginations can come up with, creating unique and original works.

We chose a mosaic as the cover image of the new Maxima 2.2 catalogue in order to emphasise the characteristics which have ensured the success of this collection ever since it first appeared: modularity, infinite customisable options, and a vast range of finishes and colours.  These qualities are essential for being able to design one’s ideal kitchen in total freedom. 


Maxima 2.2 now continues its evolution, opening itself up to other environments in the home as well, like the entrance, the dining room, and the living room;  an expansion made possible by pairing various pieces of Cesar’s Home Elements with one another, from the The 50’s single or double faced wall system to the many variations of Dressup.


Furthermore, the addition of four new compositions has increased the collection’s versatility, allowing one to explore additional expressive and compositional options in order to meet the latest trends in residential design.


Among the structural innovations, we would like to point out the new 75-cm modules, in particular those for oven and refrigerator, and the Hide-and-Seek system, a storage element that can accommodate a wide selection of Cesar’s modules.

In terms of organisation within the showcase tall units, Comb has now been integrated, a system of wooden accessories that are differentiated according to their function and which permits one to configure the drawer and accessory bases in such a way as to store silverware, wineglasses, pots, and plates in an orderly fashion.

From an aesthetic point of view, the sophisticated champagne and bronze finishes lend a lustrous and charming new quality to grips, plinths, and the Ouverture handle.


Maxima 2.2 reasserts itself as a complete world of solutions, capable of changing with the utmost flexibility to satisfy various functional needs and stylistic preferences, each time affirming the sophisticated originality and elegance of those who choose a Cesar kitchen. 


Art Direction | Concept & graphic designer: Garcia Cumini

Photography: Andrea Ferrari

Styling project: Studiopepe