Colour and matter change depending on emotion.

And are always fundamental elements in any design project: Cesar has made them the protagonists of the new products which will be presented at Eurocucina 2022.

The quality of the materials used is accentuated by the distinctive workmanship which, time after time, creates exclusive patterns, highlighting the singularity that makes the furniture unique and one-of-a-kind, and accentuates the constant play of light and shadows which exalt the shapes.

These stylistic choices turn every surface into a focal point, which constantly changes appearance as one observes it.

A precise design choice which achieves perfection in the new colour palette and focuses on bold tones that are, however, always presented in elegant and unusual nuances, in line with Cesar’s characteristic sophistication.

From 7 to 12 June we’ll be be waiting to present Cesar’s new products to you at:

Eurocucina 2022, HALL 11, C25-D30

and we invite you on Wednesday, 8 June to the even which will be held in Cesar’s flagship store at Via Larga 23, Milan, from 7-10pm.